File a Warranty

What is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?

Your warranty coverage is offered through the manufacturer and will differ across brands. Please review your warranty card for coverage details. The law tags on your mattress will provide a code that you should reference against the warranty card for the length of your warranty period.

What will void a manufacturer’s warranty?

Blemishes, rips, tears and burns on the item will void your manufacturer’s warranty. Improper support will void your manufacturer’s warranty, for details on what is considered proper support for your mattress please refer to the warranty card received with the delivery of your mattress. 

Why do you need photos of my frame and box springs for a warranty claim on my mattress?

If the product is not properly supported, then damage may occur therefore voiding the warranty. We encourage you to review the terms and conditions of the limited warranty which provides the required support needed for your product. We are unable to provide warranty assistance for a mattress that is damaged as a result of improper support.

Do I need my receipt to file a warranty claim?

In most cases we will be able to locate your receipt in our records however, it is the consumer’s responsibility to retain proof of purchase to ensure warranty coverage should we be unable to locate it for you.

Mattress Warranty Claim Photo Requirements

  • Step 1: Remove the Cover and All Bedding If your mattress has a removable cover, unzip and remove the top portion of the cover. Be sure that all bedding (blankets, sheets, mattress protectors, etc.) have been removed prior to taking any pictures. 
  • Step 2: Straight Edge Place a straight edge, such as a broom handle or yardstick over the affected area.
  • Step 3: Measuring Device Place a tape measure or ruler into the deepest area of the depression. • DO NOT measure into the mattress’s stitching
  • Step 4: Close Up Take one close-up photo, showing the measurement clearly.
  • Step 5: Whole Bed Take one photo from a distance, including the measurement and as much of the surface of the mattress as best you can.
  • Step 6: Base Photo Take one photo of the foundation or base used to support your mattress. • Remove the mattress from the boxspring/base/foundation and take one photo showing as much of the surface as possible. IF there is a depression, please take a close up photo showing the measurement. 
  • Step 7: Law Tag Photo Take one photo of the mattress law tag, ensuring the text on the tag can be read clearly in the image. • The law tag is usually located at the head of the mattress either between the mattress and the wall, or between the mattress and box spring. • The law tag will have a manufacture date along with the name of the manufacturer. • The base unit/box spring will have a separate law tag. 
Procedure Reminders: • Do not place any weighted objects, including people, on the mattress while taking the photos. • The photos listed above are required for any mattress, mattress set, or foundation claim request.