Warranty Information

Quality is important when we select a manufacturer for our mattresses. Still, we realize that sometimes things can go wrong. Most mattresses come with a limited warranty. You can read the full details of your warranty on the warranty card that came with your mattress.

Please note that all warranty claims are subject to approval by the manufacturer and not BOISE MATTRESS. We do our best to assist in the warranty process but the ultimate decision regarding warranties comes directly from the manufacturer.

Body Impressions:

Mattress sagging and upholstery pocketing areas are formed into the mattress by the body’s different contours. No mattress will remain perfectly flat on the surface forever.

The Industry Standard terminology for these indention is “Body Impression”. These impressions are inherent into the mattress due to more foam layering, added insulator pads, memory foam, and Dacron materials in construction.

Queen and King sized mattresses may have impressions that are more noticeable, and the Euro and Pillow Top models carry the deepest impressions.

Industry Standard for a body impression that is considered a manufacturing defect is greater than 1½ inches, less than that is
considered normal product variation.

In the event that the impressions become greater than 1½ inches during the warranty period, the mattress will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of the manufacturer.

How to Measure a Body Impression

Please review the following list of photo requirements and utilize the checklist to ensure the complete package is submitted to save time and make this a more efficient process.

Our warranty process should take no longer than 2-3 weeks if all requirements and documents are submitted properly.

All warranty submissions must come through the form below.

Products equal to or larger than a Queen require a center support on the frame; if the product has no center support this
will void the warranty.

If individual pieces are returned by themselves the warranty can differ from each product piece. In order to return both pieces there has to be a manufacture defect with both the mattress and box spring.

Warranty Pictures Needed
1) __________Pictures of the mattress with no sheets (full length view)
2) __________Pictures of the measurement of the impression (see instructions above)
3) __________Pictures of the law tag attached to the mattress (make sure this is legible)
4) __________Pictures of the foundation (remove mattress please)
5) __________Pictures of the law tag attached to the foundation (make sure this is legible)
6) __________Pictures of the bed rail (with foundation removed)
7) __________Photo copy of proof of purchase (your receipt)*

Mattress warranty will apply only if the mattress and/or foundation(s) are NOT abused, misused, or unsanitary. Stains or liquids exposed to the product cause defects, which is why a protective mattress cover is suggested.

NOTE: All rips, stains or tears will void the warranty.

The manufacture reserves the right to substitute materials of equal quality in making the repair or replacement. There is not a guarantee that the product you receive will have the same fabric cover or construction as your current mattress or box spring, especially if the replacement is being made several years after the original purchase.

(There is no guarantee the replacement product will “match” the original if you purchased a set)

Complete the Warranty Form Below:

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